I am an Arizona native.

Southern Arizona has been my home since the day I was born. I am an Arizona native. My parents, brother, maternal grandmother and fifteen aunts and uncles were all born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. My family’s roots run very deep in Tucson and in a small ranching town just 50 miles southwest of Tucson, know as Arivaca.

It all started with the birth of my great grandfather, Angelo Caviglia. Tragically, Angelo’s mother died giving birth to him. Angelo Caviglia was an only child, and was raised by his father, Bernardo. Bernardo and Angelo lived in Arivaca, where my great grandfather owned land. Originally, this small mining town was known as Pima Indian Village. Today, there are still many old buildings standing in Arivaca, as well as a mixture of new buildings and structures. The oldest adobe schoolhouse in Arizona is still standing in Arivaca. Arivaca is also known as the gateway to the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge, the Heintzelman Mine and Ruby ghost town are all apart of this historic town. This particular region of southern Arizona (Tucson and Arivaca) are excellent for year round outdoor activities such as golfing, swimming, hiking, camping, hunting, biking and fishing to name a few. My entire family enjoys many outdoor activities together. We never get tired of the beautiful Arizona scenery and spectacular sunsets! Tucson is without a doubt a fantastic place to raise a family or spend retirement years. I have many fond memories of camping in Happy Valley, fishing at Patagonia Lake, and riding dirt bikes in Arivaca.

I also hope to raise a family in Tucson someday. I want to share all the things that make Tucson and Arivaca special to me with my children. My family and I share a great deal of passion and pride for our “two” hometowns.

In Arivaca, the local public library was named after my father’s late aunt, Diane Aguirre Hamilton Caviglia. The library was opened on November 16th, 1996, two years after Diane passed away of cancer. The library was named after Diane because of her great passion for Arizona history. The library will be celebrating its ten-year anniversary on October 7th. Arivaca is also special to my family because Diane’s father, Don Pedro Aguirre built one of Arizona’s first schools in Arivaca in 1879.

In 1947, my grandfather graduated from Tucson High School. Fifty-six years later, he had the honor and privilege of seeing one of his grandsons graduate from Tucson High School. My father also had experienced the same hometown pride when I attended the same high school he graduated from. Both my parents graduated from local Tucson high schools. In 1913, my great grandfather owned the Double Stamp Saloon in Tucson. It is these types of sentimental things that make me extremely proud to be an Arizonan, and particularly a Tucsonan.

I believe with my whole heart and soul that my strong Tucson heritage and love for the surrounding environment has made me the passionate person I am today. Living in Tucson all my life has taught me the importance of family and traditions. My family’s past, present and future are within these Arizona borders. Even though there are not many Tucson natives left in my hometown, rest assured you would always be able to find the Caviglia family in Tucson!

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