Most people would define a hometown

Most people would define a hometown simply as a place where one has lived or where one is currently living. It would not mean anything special to them, and further thought or analysis of it would never cross their minds. I am not one of these people. My hometown is now an inseparable part of me, and it is something that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I have grown, learned, understood, and defined both my future and myself in the beautiful town of Prescott, Arizona.

It was 12 years ago when I first stepped foot in the city limits of Prescott. My family was moving away from southern California, where both of my parents grew up. We were leaving behind aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, godparents, and friends, but a new life was awaiting us in the heart of Arizona. The main purpose for our relocation was a new business opportunity for my father, who was looking to expand his engineering company.

I began my “school career” in Prescott, and I will graduate from the same district I started in. I feel that the aspect of my hometown that has affected me the greatest is the education that I have received. The schools of Prescott, along with my parents, have raised me to be the person I am. Knowledge and understanding are the keys to defining oneself, and I have gained these keys through my education. Schools and teachers of Prescott promote academic excellence as well as self-discovery, which have proven to be an effective entrance to my future. I have never been part of a different school district, but I have a strong doubt that any other district is as capable of delivering a productive education as Prescott Unified School District.

One of the biggest attractions of Prescott is its history. Different peoples have inhabited the land of Prescott for thousands of years. It was even the first territorial capital of Arizona, before the major growth of cities like Tucson and Phoenix. Prescott’s history is prominent throughout the city, particularly in the heart of its downtown. Downtown Prescott offers an incredible historical background of our city, and there are numerous museums and shops solely dedicated to the purpose of sharing the history of our beautiful home. An example is Sharlot Hall museum, which is full of Prescott’s history, from an actual old time schoolhouse to different historical artifacts of the city’s past.

With such a complex history, Prescott possesses an enormous amount of culture. It is this culture that interests me so much in the history of our town. There are numerous art shows and cultural fairs around the courthouse, which draw guests of many origins, further enriching Prescott’s culture. Also unique to my hometown are certain annual events. One of these is Prescott’s famous rodeo. Once a year the rodeo comes to town and brings along with it a plethora of tourists to enjoy the show. However, the rodeo is also something that the locals participate in, including me. It’s a cultural event that brings out the true Prescottonian in all of us, whether it is the old western rodeo dances or the crowd-pleasing bull riding. Prescott is also the “Christmas City” of Arizona, offering much to see and enjoy during the holidays. From the holiday parade, to the annual courthouse lighting, Prescott’s Christmas charm is something that has always lifted my spirit.

I think that Prescott is such an amazing place because of its dedication to creating a cohesive community. It is how my family was so easily able to establish itself in the city, and it continues to be the reason behind all that we undertake. The community of Prescott is beyond admirable, and it is the people of the city who make all the difference. I don’t believe there is another community in existence that contains such amiable members of society. Because of this unsurpassable friendliness, Prescott has a family-like quality that makes it even more of an appropriate home. This strong community created the status of my family, and introduced us to amazing people that I now cannot imagine living without. My father’s business has flourished because of our relocation, and our family has gained many good friends through the expansion of the company.

Prescott, Arizona is an extraordinary city full of history, culture, and community. It has been my home since I first started school, and I know that I will consider it my home for years to come. A hometown is something that matters, and in the end, it plays an incredible role in shaping one’s life. My own life has been stamped with the beauty and wonderment of a glorious community, and because of that, I am proud to call Prescott my hometown.

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